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How do we get to the next colour?

There are usually several criteria for reaching the next belt level. These include:

  1. Satisfactory attendance levels - Be sure to sign the attendance sheet each class. Attendance 3 times a week is ideal, but if you can only make it to 2 a week you might be able to squeeze by, assuming the other criteria for progressing are present.

  2. You have learned the required katas and basics up to your belt level - Sensei will usually review each student's katas prior to a grading. See the McMaster Goju Ryu student manual for more details regarding kata requirements.

  3. Sensei's approval - Sensei has the final say for anything that happens in the McMaster dojo, including who is ready to enter the next grading.

  4. Successful completion of the grading - this means a passing grade and Sensei's approval.

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