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What is an 'end of term get-together'? Am I invited?

At the end of each term, McMaster karateka like to get together to spend some time 'out of their gis'. At a completely informal setting, typically at a restaurant or facility close to the campus, you can have the opportunity to get to know students from all belt ranks. Sensei is particularly approachable at such times - so don't be shy!

If the venue takes us away from the campus, rides are arranged so that any student who wishes to go can be a part of the evening. In years past, we visited the restaurant owned by one McMaster karateka's mother - fantastic food at an amazing price, with many great memories formed.

And of course you're invitied! We attempt to arrange this evening out close to the end of our term, although this does bring us into the time when exams are run. Every effort is made to make arrangements that suit the most number of people.

So come on out and get to know the students you've been training alongside, or those who've been assisting you all term, a little better!

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