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It's summer and I leave Hamilton to return home until September. What should I be doing?

The best thing all around is to keep up your training! One way to achieve this is by signing up for the summer at a dojo local to home. Talk with Sensei before you leave in order to get his advice on training elsewhere (there are some tips and pitfalls to watch out for) as well as any recommendations of dojos, if he knows of one in your area. If you achieve a belt rank during your summer training, speak with Sensei upon your return as you'll likely get to continue at that level.

If there does not exist a dojo in your area or time in your schedule, don't neglect your practice! Keep up with your katas by performing them every couple of days, and also play with the techniques you've been learning all year, to gain a deeper understanding of their nature.

Above all else, keep stretching! The progress you've made during the year will quickly disappear without regular attention. Maintaining your conditioning is another good idea.

Realize that we continue to train all summer, so if you are not in town for the summer but at some point do find yourself in the area, pop by for some training and a visit!

See you in September!

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