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Okay, I'm all registered. Now to find class - where the heck is the Smith Gym? Where is the Activity Center?

Both the Smith Gym and Activity Centre can be found in the Ivor Wynne Centre of McMaster University (see the Campus map at registrar.mcmaster.ca/external/tours/macmap.jpg). The Smith Gym is also known as the 'Aux' (auxilliary) Gym and is not to be confused with the large main gym (the Burridge Gym). I think the Smith Gym also goes by 'PE4' at exam time (ugh - exams!). Monday and Wednesday classes are in the Smith Gym.

The Activity Centre is in the southwest part of the building, and is the site for Friday classes.

Here's a webpage with a map to the Smith Gym:

Here's a webpage with a map to the Activity Centre:

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