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McMaster Dojo's mailing list 'g-mackarate'

A mailing list has been created as of August 2002 for the McMaster Goju Ryu Karate Dojo members. This list is hosted by McMaster University's Computing and Information Systems department. We welcome new members from the Mac Dojo! (Note that subscriptions are subject to approval and you must either be or have been a member of the dojo to join).

This is an unmoderated list - meaning each member can post whatever questions they have about their training and the art of karate in general. While the content should remain in the area of martial arts, please feel free to share books, movies, ideas, training tips as well as your answer to another member's query. Behaviour on this list is expected to match that found in the dojo, and abuses will be dealt with by revoking membership. There is no cost to join and this list can greatly augment your training!

Sign up today! Visit this site for more information and to subscribe: http://mailman.McMaster.CA/mailman/listinfo/g-mackarate