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The Library

Book and Video List



McMaster Karate Student Manual

Mastery by George Leonard

The Martial Spirit by H. Kauz

The Weaponless Warrior by Richard Kim

Moving Zen by C. Nicol

Book of Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi

Books by O'Sensei Don Warrener

Zen in the Art of Archery by Eugen Herrigel

Zen in the Martial Arts by Joe Hyams

The Karate Dojo: Traditions and Tales of a Martial Art by Peter Urban

Karate-Do: My Way of Life by Gichin Funakoshi

365 Zen - Daily Readings - by Jean Smith

What is Meditation? - Rob Nairn

The Dali Lama's Book of Wisdom

The Art of War by Sun-Tzu

Sword and Brush by Dave Lowry

A Path to Liberation by Herman Kauz

The Secrets of Shotokan Karate by Robin L. Rielly

Conversations with the Master Masatoshi Nakayama by Randall G. Hassell

The Story of Pi by Jann Martel

Farley: The Life of Farley Mowat by James King


Mills Library - McMaster


At McMaster, if we're not doing karate, we're thinking about it!

One of the best ways to deepen your experience is to read what other students of the art have thought, felt and discovered themselves. Some books are meant to inform, others inspire - great works do both.

The list to the right are books and movies that students at McMaster Karate have found to be a benefit to their studies in karate, as well as the Eastern cultures that gave birth to martial arts. Click on those that are linked and read a review.

If you have your own treasured favourites, please share them with other students by emailing the webmaster.