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McMaster Karate Student Manual

The Mac student manual is an invaluable resource for all students training at Mac, not just beginners!

The manual contains many great articles - on getting started training, understanding what it means to become a shodan (black belt), proper stretching, what is a sensei. The Mac dojo history is all there, plus a brief overview of the development of karate. Throw in a glossary, pictures that show you how to tie up your belt, a list of the different weapons we train with and you've got yourself a great weekend read!

For those with a grading in the near future - you'll find the list of the requirements for the belt rank you are attempting, plus the questions for the written part of the exam (hint: the answers are - you guessed it - in the manual!)

You will receive a copy of the manual if you have purchased a gi from Sensei. If you already have a gi, see Sensei for a free copy. (If you lost your copy, 50 push ups and then Sensei will give you a new one - ha ha, just kidding!)